Stanley Quayle Experience Areas

Experience Summary

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System Emulation
System Porting/Migration
  • VAX to Alpha, Itanium
  • Alpha to Itanium
  • OpenVMS to Windows, Linux/Unix
Operating Systems
Networks and Communications

Experience Details

Programming Languages

Assembler (68000)
Assembler (68HC11)
Assembler (80x86)
  • Developed device handlers for DOS systems. Modified BIOS and DOS boot behaviors.
Assembler (VAX)
  • Did system programming for VMS. Developed and modified device drivers for Q-bus devices.
  • Ongoing development efforts, including the following:
    • Real-time control and instrumentation
    • Data analysis
    • User interface
  • Application environments include OpenVMS (VAX and Alpha), Linux, HP-UX, and Tru64 UNIX, DOS, 68000, 68020.
  • Over 100, 000 lines of code converted from VAX C to DEC C as part of a VAX to Alpha OpenVMS migration.
  • Ongoing development efforts, including the following:
    • Real-time control and instrumentation
    • Data analysis
    • User interface
  • Worked on a project to convert Tru64 UNIX executable programs to run on Linux and HP-UX.
  • Developed a C++ object-oriented replacement for a C-based application under HP-UX.
DCL (Digital Control Language)
  • Ongoing development efforts, including the following:
    • VMS system administration on VAX, Alpha, and Itanium systems
    • Backup and recovery
    • Support of client applications
    • Software installations
HTML / Web Design
  • Developed web pages and CGI scripts for Quayle Consulting and other clients.

Operating Systems

  • Developed device handlers for DOS systems.
  • Developed an IEEE 802.3 interface for a 68000-based control device. Added other processes and set execution priorities.
  • Developed shell scripts and C programs.
  • Ongoing efforts include: system management of Linux systems, including setup of SAMBA and NFS.
  • Red Hat Linux Certified Engineer.
  • C and C++ software development on Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX, and Linux.
  • Developed C++ transaction-processing application on HP-UX.
  • System management of HP-UX system: did backups, added users, installed software, developed applications, set up and maintained UUCP and TCP/IP communications.
  • Established UUCP mail service on Masscomp Unix (BSD) computer system.
  • HP Certified Professional Tru64 UNIX System Administrator.
  • Developing applications including real-time control systems under VMS versions 3.2 to present, under both VAX and Alpha.  Itanium coming soon!
  • Porting code from VAX to Alpha.
  • Creating VMSINSTAL scripts to install applications.
  • Using CMS and MMS; trained other users in their proper application.
  • HP Certified Professional OpenVMS System Engineer.
  • Ported code from DOS environment to Windows. Assisted clients with tuning their Windows systems for best performance.

Networks and Communications

  • Established NFS and SMTP service under both HP-UX Unix and VMS.
  • Managed network address spaces.
  • Trouble shot connection problems using X Windows, telnet, ftp, and NFS.
  • Developed a factory automation protocol using UDP/IP messaging.
  • System management, including creating users, writing login scripts, repairing disk structures.
  • Set up MHS gateway system for Internet email access.
  • Created email connection between Novell server and Lantastic network.
IEEE 802.3
  • Developed a communications protocol to support connections over IEEE datagrams.
  • Set up UUCP connections on a Masscomp Unix (BSD) machine.
  • Established, managed, and fixed UUCP connections on Unix, VMS, and PC platforms.
  • Managed X.25 router devices, including multiple Digital Equipment Corporation DEMSA's.
  • Developed a variation of the Zmodem protocol to run over X.25 on VAX and Alpha VMS platforms.


  • Inventor on 2 U.S. patents, numbers 4456787 and 4523654.
Real-time Systems
  • Completely restructured data acquisition software for a multi-tasking environment, and added functionality. Written in C on 68000 hardware.
  • Developed and supported real-time control system product. Written in C and VAX Assembler using VMS.
Client-Server Systems
  • Developed server applications for users to access real-time control system data. Server was hosted on VMS platform. Clients were PC's, VMS systems, and HP 1000 systems.
  • Developed a communications server using X.25 to communicate with PCs.
Embedded Software
  • Implemented Zmodem protocol in C for use in a VMS server process.
  • Suggested packet-based protocols for use in radio communications system.


Structured Design
  • Designed software architecture using UML with Rational's RequisitePro and Rational Rose, including tracing design elements to product requirements.
  • Designed software and documentation using the DECdesign product.
Training and Documentation
  • Providing training in the Charon product family to customers and resellers.
  • Trained engineers about real-time programming in OpenVMS.
  • Conducted training in Korea for employees of POSCON.
Project Management
  • Technical team leader at CheckFree Corporation. Supervised development team productivity, with schedule and budget responsibility.
  • Founder of Scriptel Corporation; was vice president and member of the board of directors; set schedule and budget, hired and supervised product development team.

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