Products and Services

Quayle Consulting is the Oldest Charon Reseller in the United States. See what that means to you!

System Virtualization

  • No Change to Applications Required
  • Replace Aging Hardware to the Cloud or Industry-Standard Servers
  • Save money on hardware support – No More Hunting for Spare Parts
  • Charon Emulation for SPARC, HP-UX, MPE, HP 3000, Alpha, VAX, PDP-11
  • Fast, Reliable, Economical
  • Free Consultation and Product Evaluation

Data Conversion And Migration

  • Transfer Data from Tapes and Disks
  • Convert OpenVMS Data Formats to Windows

System Administration

  • OpenVMS Certified
  • Tru64 UNIX Certified
  • HP-Trained Integrity Server Partner
  • Software Installation and Upgrades
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing
  • System Consolidation and Migration
  • On-site and Remote Services

Networking Services

  • Manage and Troubleshoot Existing Networks
  • Support of DECnet and other DEC protocols
  • Cross-platform support (OpenVMS, Linux, Unix, Windows)

Software Development

  • Specializing in Migrations to Industry-Standard Servers
  • Project management
  • OpenVMS, Linux, Unix, DOS
  • C, DEC Control Language (DCL), Assembler, BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL

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