Migrating PDP-11 Systems to Industry-Standard Hardware

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A PDP-11 can be virtualized (emulated) on a modern computer, which allows the existing operating system, its software, and all applications to be run without change.  No reprogramming is required.  Most customers report that the emulated system is faster than the original.  Original hardware can be supported via a modern PCI card.

How it Works: Lift and Shift

It's called "Lift and Shift". The original hardware is in orange. The Charon solution is in dark blue. Charon runs on an industry-standard server or in the cloud.

Everything in light blue shifts directly on the top of the Charon solution with absolutely no changes.

Lift and Shift Process

Charon-PDP for Windows

Charon-PDP can emulate the following systems:

  • PDP-11/93
  • PDP-11/94

Supported peripheral devices include:

  • Disk controllers: RQDX3 (MSCP), UDA50 (MSCP), RL11, RLV12
  • Tape controllers: TQK50, TS11, TSV11, TSV05, TUK50
  • Network adapters: DELQA, DESQA, DEQNA
  • Video subsystem: VCB02
  • Parallel port controller: LPV11
  • Serial line controllers: DHV11, DL11, DLV-11, DRV1-WA, DZ11

Supported Operating Systems

These operating systems were sold by DEC for PDP-11:

  • RSX-11M-PLUS
  • Micro/RSX
  • RSX-11M
  • RSX-11S
  • RSTS/E

Untested Operating Systems

Other operating systems were developed for PDP-11:

There may have been others developed for special purposes, too.  Charon-PDP should be able to run all of them.

Host System Requirements

Charon-PDP can run in the Cloud. For more details, see the Cloud documentation.

Charon-PDP can also run on an Industry-Standard Server. See the Charon-PDP Software Product Description for detailed information.

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