Why Choose Quayle Consulting?

Working with Quayle Consulting gives you these values:

  • When you call Quayle Consulting, you're talking with the President, not a person in a call center on the other side of the Earth.
  • Heterogeneous data center?  We're HP Certified in OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX, with a good bit of Linux experience.
  • US Citizen, native speaker of English.
  • Available to work almost anywhere.
  • Registered Professional Engineer with 20+ years of experience, including data centers, factories, and offices.
  • Internet experience? Online since 1987!
  • Industry experience?  Quayle Consulting was founded September 16, 1992.
  • Privacy policy.
  • Terms, Conditions, and Expectations.
  • Additional corporate details.

When you call, you're talking with the expert right away!  No having to explain the problem over and over and over...

Migrating from VAX?  Quayle Consulting:

  • Has taught classes about virtual VAX implementation
  • Has done presentations about VAX virtualization to user group meetings and at HP technical symposiums
  • Has successfully migrated >100,000 lines of VAX code to Alpha, in C, MACRO, BASIC, and Fortran.

Have other legacy systems? We have solutions for them, too:

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