Disks and Tapes

Quayle Consulting Performs Unique Data Conversion Services

  • Converting legacy floppies and tapes for use on modern Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.
  • Migrating customer data from legacy systems to virtual disks for use with the Charon emulators.
  • Conversion of floating-point data into open formats.
  • Conversion of VMS 64-bit date values into open formats.
  • Conversion of RT-11 and other PDP-11 format floppies.
  • Rebuild of boot sectors from improper OpenVMS backups.

Quayle Consulting can accept the following media


  • Floppy disks: 3.5 inch, 5-1/4 inch and 8 inch written by Windows, Unix, Linux, DOS, and OpenVMS
  • Linux format and OpenVMS format CD-ROM and DVD
  • 3.5 inch magneto-optical (MO) disk
  • 8-bit and 16-bit StorageWorks disk units
  • 50-pin and 68-pin SCSI disk without an enclosure
  • SATA and IDE disks without an enclosure


  • 9-track tape, including 800, 1600, and 6250 BPI
  • DLT Tape formats: DLTape IV (DLT-IV), DLTape III (DLT-III)
  • DEC Tape formats:
    • TK50 (CompacTape)
    • TK70 (CompacTape III)
    • TZ30, TZ85, TZ86, TZ87
    • 1/4 inch ("quarter inch") cartridge (DEC TZK10)

We cannot read

  • Apple Mac disks
  • CP/M disks
  • Disks that have "hard sectors', such as IBM word processor disks

Any quotes are for disks and tapes created with standard backup utilities. Non-standard backup software will require research on a time-and-materials basis.

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The following equipment enables the above conversion capabilities

VAX Systems

  • VAXstation 4000/60, with OpenVMS installed.
  • Custom VAXstation, with drive to read 8-inch floppies

PC Systems

  • Toshiba Tecra M5 laptop, with Windows 10 Pro.
  • Dell XPS400, running CentOS Linux.
  • Custom system built by ASA Computers (off page) , running Windows Server 2016.

Other DEC Items

  • Two DEC TSZ07 (off page) 9-track reel-to-reel tape drives.
  • Exabyte 8505 tape drive. Can read 8mm tapes, such as the Sony QG-112M.
  • Six TZ87-TA tape drives. Can read TK50, TK70, and DLT-3 tapes.
  • Software for VAX and Alpha, copied from Consolidated Distribution CD's.
  • A large collection of MMJ cables and connectors.

Test/Development Equipment

  • CommFront 232Analyzer serial port analyzer.
  • BP Microsystems EP-1140 EPROM programmer

For more information or a free consultation, click on the button below to contact Quayle Consulting.

Charon Platforms

Quayle Consulting provides full evaluation and migration support. We have emulation solutions for these legacy hardware platforms: